Project Spotlight

e-Scooter Dashboard PCB

ESA 5000 Dashboard

What started off as a simple Arduino Nano + Breadboard solution for replacing a broken Doc Green ESA 5000 e-Scooter Dashboard became a bigger protocol reversing and PCB (printed circuit board) design project


Firmware for controlling an EggBot Mini (egg painting machine) using an ESP8266 microcontroller.

3 DJI Tello drones


After the original creator didn't have enough time, I became the maintainer of the most used Python library for controlling DJI/Ryze Tello drones

GNU libjit is a JIT compilation library, handling all the backend and machine dependent logic when writing a JIT compiler. During Google Summer of Code 2018 I implemented a graph coloring register allocator for libjit.

GNU libjit


JIT compiled scripting language with direct native interoperability. Started off as a simple interpreted language and moved to libjit based JIT compiling later. Over 1000 commits on Github.

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Worlds fastest optimizing brainfuck compiler. Brainfuck is the best known esoteric programming language. The compiler outputs intel assembly or C code. Written in Haskell.

Brainfuck Code
solving of (x+y)*(x-y)


Equation solver and term simplifier written in Haskell. Developed together with Christian Schwarz